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The Concrete → Pictorial → Abstract approach enables pupils to encounter Mathematics in a meaningful way
and translate mathematical concepts from the concrete to the abstract. This approach allows pupils to understand mathematical concepts before learning the "rules" or formulaic expressions.

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Key Features
Discover Maths (South Africa) Textbook Grade 1 to 3 is designed to equip pupils with sound concept development, critical thinking and efficient problem-solving skills.
Mathematical concepts are presented in a clear and sequential way to facilitate understanding and confidence.

Mathematics concepts are introduced in the opening pages
and taught to mastery through specific learning tasks that
allow for immediate assessment and consolidation.


Speech and thought bubbles provide guidance, making even
the most challenging problems accessible to pupils. This is employed as a strategy for
pupils to monitor their thinking processes in problem solving.

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Language is kept simple.

The direct correlation of the Workbook
to the Textbook facilitates focused
review and evaluation.


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Wrap It Up summarises
the main points
in the chapter to
consolidate knowledge.

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Enrichment engages
pupils with fun-filled
activities to promote
critical and creative
thinking skills.




Key Features
Discover Maths (South Africa) Workbook Grade 1 to 3 correlates directly to the textbooks so that pupils consolidate new mathematical concepts with focused practice.

Through numerous assessment exercises, end-of-section Revisions, Mid-Year Review and End-of-year Review papers, the Workbooks provide many opportunities for reviewing the main mathematical concepts covered.
These exercises ensure that learning outcomes are achieved and that teachers are able to monitor and assess pupil's progress.

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Reflection enables pupils to
reflect and self-evaluate their
understanding of concepts learnt, serving as an effective alternative assessment.

discover maths

Questions categorised into varying levels of difficulty caters to different needs of pupils.



Teacher's Resource Book

Key Features
Discover Maths (South Africa) Teacher's Resource Book is designed to help teachers learn while they teach the course materials and prepare for the day's lessons. Rewritten specially for the CAPS, the lessons have been developed according to the methodology central to the series. Detailed, step-by-step lesson plans and introductory content are provided to assist teachers in using the Discover Maths programme.


discover maths

Scheme of Work lists the learning outcomes,
thinking skills and other resources available
for each chapter.


discover maths

Optional and additional activities are provided to enhance hands-on learning.


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